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Jeremiah Curvers
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Experienced entrepreneur, thought leader, public speaker, and advisor with a proven track record of empowering leaders and their teams to create impactful solutions for their organizations. Rooted in a family legacy of entrepreneurship, my journey spans from France to Canada, where I've excelled in digital transformation, marketing, and disruptive innovation.

In 2016, I founded Polysleep, a leading Canadian mattress company that rapidly ascended to become one of "Canada's top-growing companies." Supported by an exceptional team, our commitment lies in enhancing well-being through quality sleep while propelling the industry towards a more sustainable future.

You may have encountered me sharing my insights on renowned podcasts such as Shopify Masters, The Voice of Retail Hypergrowth, and The Wake-Up Call. Additionally, you can find me as a featured speaker at conferences across North America.

I take pride in my role as a member of the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Montreal. My mission? To empower those around me to embrace calculated boldness, harnessing the power of creativity, passion, and radical innovation. Fluent in English and French, I steadfastly advocate for positive change and sustainable growth.
Jeremiah Curvers