Reimagine Sourcing.

Modernizing Sourcing Techniques for Today’s Cost Optimization Needs.

Cost optimization needs to be a continuous activity that is collaborative, agile, transparent, and integrated. Most traditional cost controls lack these characteristics because they were designed for a relatively static environment in which the recent past could reliably predict future needs. This is no longer the case. Today, many traditional methods including traditional strategic sourcing approaches have been rendered obsolete. Standalone sourcing approaches should be replaced by more agile ways of working that are tuned to optimize non-commoditized spend. These approaches enable management spend throughout the solution lifecycle and solve for the interdependencies of services, software, cloud, network, security and devices in how we work.  Source IT will address ways to optimize the supplier ecosystem, improve processes and controls, bring new tools and approaches to sourcing and refresh the ways that we work in sourcing IT and technology-enabled business solutions.

Returning for its fifth year, ISG SourceIT brings together a community of ISG thought-leaders, peer enterprises and leading visionaries from start ups and academia to help you develop the strategy and partner ecosystem suitable for your unique business challenges. Join us on September 14 & 15 in Dallas, TX to explore the flexible and agile approaches required to spend smarter and achieve better business outcomes from your sourcing contracts.

What You'll Discover

Here are three themes we'll explore at SourceIT:

Analysis, Benchmarks and Market Research to optimize your IT Sourcing Strategy.

Technology transformation drives customer experience, business capabilities and operational efficiency, and combined with rationalization, can drive real savings.  But getting it right is complex, as markets are constantly in flux with new capabilities emerging and maturing, driving constant variability in domain leaders, delivery models, contracting approaches and pricing models

How do you ensure that your organization is able to take advantage of the best capabilities and to use the most relevant data to avoid costly mistakes?

We’ll show you the latest market trends, supplier capabilities and delivery models and how to build and quantify the right sourcing strategy to take your business forward.

Sourcing to Optimize Digital Transformation Outcomes

The fastest-growing and most dynamic organizations have learned to optimize their supplier ecosystem to accelerate the application of new capabilities to their business models.  Whether its adoption of generative AI to drive innovative business outcomes or implementing the right cyber security protections for your connected factories, smarter sourcing strategies with the right partners will help you to accelerate your growth.

Transformation initiatives require procuring a combination of cloud, software, network, cybersecurity and service elements with a high degree of interdependency for an integrated solution.  How do you get the most out of your partners, whether you’re driving agile delivery models, upgrading your ERP, deploying IOT solutions in your plant or utility or transforming your omni channel customer experience? 

We’ll show you the sourcing practices that you’ll need to optimize transformation outcomes.

Cost Optimization to Drive Savings 

For most areas of technology spend, it’s no longer sufficient to negotiate a strong contract as cost growth occurs through lack of optimization, compliance, transparency, and controls.

How do you ensure that your organization is able to use the most relevant data to avoid costly mistakes?  How do you ensure that your financial and spend control processes are able to protect you from excessive cloud, software, project, network costs and drive the right demand behavior from your internal customers?  How can you collaboratively bring your technology providers into the process to drive business outcomes? 

We’ll show you the elements of a cost optimization center of excellence and how you can drive savings in both transformation and operations and to avoid cost leakage in your organization.

Creating a Data-Driven, Collaborative, Digital Culture

Modern sourcing approaches require new ways of working and collaborating to ensure success, with the biggest savings occurring through new delivery models and substituting new, digitally-enhanced ways of working for current operating models.

What will it take to create a more data-driven, collaborative and digital culture across IT, business operations, procurement and legal to take advantage of and successfully manage modern sourcing models?

We’ll show you how to build and drive adoption of modern sourcing capabilities across your organization and with your suppliers


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Who Should Attend

Join top decision makers from banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, energy and utilities and other industries. 

  • Heads of Vendor Management, Procurement & Sourcing
  • Heads of Business Services
  • Business & IT Management
  • Digital Officers
  • Partnership Specialists
  • IT Governance & Compliance Executives
  • Senior Business Strategists





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